I/We understand that MISSION-aerofi(Mission Aerospace Foundation of India), is a “not-for-profit” organization,for development of aerospace products from Indian platform for the global market. This would be achieved through a specially structured organization that would promote,  strengthen and grow at an accelerated pace the Indian Aerospace capabilities, to reach and retain Global Leadership levels in select areas of Aerospace, for the common good of the society, through development of aerospace technologies & product , by harnessing the “power of selflessness”  and “non-profit

motive” of the promoters and many aerospace luminaries, and by creating a fulcrum for fast paced collaborative efforts by individuals and entities having passion for aerospace, by initiating, carrying out, executing, implementing, aiding and assisting aerospace product and technology development programmes. (refer :MISSION aerofi concept paper for details)


I/We understand that opportunity to associate with aerofi is open to: (i) Indian Aerospace

Companies;(ii) individuals with passion for growth of aerospace from Indian platforms; and (iii)friends of India( companies,groups,formations and individuals),who believe in growth of aerospace using Indian platform.


I/We am/are desirous of associating with MISSION-aerofi and contribute to the growth of aerospace from Indian platforms by undertaking following role(s):

Eligibility Criteria:

1.        Passion for growth of aerospace from Indian platform

2.         An individual with a name,fame,repute and brand of his/her own for having created aerospace organizations, created aerospace products, headed aerospace programmes successfully, contributed significantly to the growth of aerospace (or science in general),even if not directly involved with aerospace organizations/products.

3.        Having a public perception of a person above board and of highest ethical values

4.        Minimum Financial sacrifice Index of 1%( monetary contribution over five years in proportion to declared assets)

5.        Declaration of self and immediate family assets.

6.        Commitment to contribute for at least two years as effective member of the Governing/Advisory Board

7.        Advanced skill, Qualification and experience commensurate with the level and responsibilities in the organization

8.        Qualified to contribute in aeronautical product development projects; willing to contribute monetarily and/or by dedicating time in the area of one’s competence for the identified aerospace projects .

9.        Companies engaged in or planning to be engaged in aerospace activities; willing to contribute monetarily and /or by dedicating in the area of its competence a team or resources for the identified aerospace projects

10.      Aerospace technology experts drawn from aerospace organizations and academic institutions

11.      Acceptance of formal association (in terms of nature and level of association) by the Governing Board.


My/Our  personal/organizational details are as given in Part II/Part III.

In addition to the voluntary contributions indicated by me/us, in Part II/Part III,I/we undertake to pay to MISSION Aerospace Foundation of India, an annual affiliation fee as applicable as per table below to defray the cost of administration and annual meets.


I understand that payment is to be made only on confirmation of assignment of aerofi registration number to me/us(and only after obtaining and communication of FCRA Approval in respect of foreign nationals/Companies or even PIO / OCI).


I understand that all contributions made by me/us are voluntary and non refundable. I also understand that duly certified annual accounts of MISSION aerofi, shall be transparently published; all suggestions on utilization of funds acknowledged and considered for implementation , subject to final decision by the Governing Board.


I/we also understand that I/we can discontinue my /our affiliation to MISSION aerofi at any time without assigning any reason and discontinue subsequent annual contributions