MISSION aerofi has a role for everyone!

See where you fit in!

Governing Board: An Apex body of upto 12 persons, satisfying certain criteria, drawn from diversified fields ,with passion for aerospace and desire to dedicate their substantial time for growth of aerospace with India as a fulcrum. This body would guide the course, govern and ensure purity of purpose of aerofi.

Advisory Board: A body of upto 25 luminaries drawn from diversified fields, with passion for aerospace and desire to leave a rich legacy by  guiding  and being a spring-board, critique and moderator for the ideas of the Governing Board.

Conveners: A team of volunteers to promote the cause of aerofi and contribute time for establishment and structuring of aerofi
Technology Counselors: Guide project teams in defined areas in defined projects as identified by aerofi matching the expertise of the counselor

Contributory Member-Company: Willing to make monetary/time/resource contribution to aerofi 
Contributory Member-Individual: Willing to make monetary/time contribution to aerofi

Composition Executive Board: MD;Chief Designer;Programme Directors;Heads of HRD & Admin/Finance/Marketing